World’s First 512GB microSD Card

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This is the World's First 512GB microSD Card

This is the World’s First 512GB microSD Card

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This is the World’s First 512GB microSD Card: Are you tired of deleting photos and videos just to free up some storage space on your smartphones? Well, these things happen to everyone who uses their smartphone to record HD videos.

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Recently, a British company called Integral Memory has announced the memory card with the world’s largest storage capacity, at least for now. It has 512GB of capacity!

With 512GB storage, it beats the current record holder SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I, 400GB which was announced previous year. The latest microSD card from Integral Memory has a minimum sequential recording speed of 10MB/S and can reach a maximum speed of 80Mb/s.

In addition, the new card from Integra is also compatible with V10 (Video Speed Class 10) requirements, which means that it is powerful enough to record videos in 4K without falling write rate.

However, the company doesn’t reveal anything regarding the price of this super-capacity memory card. However, it’s assumed that the latest microSD card will go on sale from February.


What’s your opinion on this latest microSD card? Discuss with us in the comments.


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