Samsung Gives Away Free Galaxy Note 8 To All 200 Passengers On This Flight

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Samsung Gives Away Free Galaxy Note 8 To All 200 Passengers On This Flight

Samsung Gives Away Free Galaxy Note 8 To All 200 Passengers On This Flight

The South Korean giant Samsung has surprised recently 200 passengers of a flight of the airline Iberia that traveled from the city of La Coruna to Madrid, Spain, where they have taken the surprise of obtaining of gift the latest Samsung smartphone that is presented exactly three months ago.

A little over a year ago the Galaxy Note 7 was one of the most criticized products due to battery problems that caused it to swell and explode, a situation that endangered the lives of users, and why it was banned that the passengers will carry this device in the flights of different airlines of the world.

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When Samsung removed the phones that were marketed to replace them with smartphones with new batteries, one of these devices that in theory had been checked and in theory was not exposed to a combustion exploded inside a plane of the United States and forced the passengers to evacuate the aircraft.

Although Samsung did not see its annual earnings down, it was a serious commercial hit for the company and for the Galaxy Note brand, which came to think that it would not go on sale and that it would be replaced by a model Galaxy S brand special.

The Galaxy Note 8 has been presented as one of the best Android phones of the year and is a contender to win the smartphone award of the year, for it the brand has not only focused on launching a device renovated in design and with strict measures and standards quality and safety to ensure the well-being of its customers but has launched advertising campaigns like today to promote its product.

This is the first time that a mobile device company gives away 200 high-end smartphones on a commercial flight. For this, Celestino Garcia, corporate vice president of Samsung Spain with the captain of the flight gave passengers a Galaxy Note 8 as part of its advertising campaign “Welcome aboard Galaxy Note 8”.

So, what do you think of this new ad campaign from Samsung? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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