Run WinAmp In Web Browser And Play MP3s

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Now You Can Run WinAmp In Your Web Browser And Play MP3s

Run WinAmp In Web Browser And Play MP3s

Those who lived the glorious age of dial-up internet should still remember the pleasure of listening to an MP3 song in Winamp after waiting hours and hours for the download.

Well now you can relive part of that nostalgic feeling directly from your favourite web browser without having to wait for midnight: a programmer recreated the classic version of Winamp in JavaScript and made it available for free on the internet.

Winamp2-js, developed by Jordan Eldredge, was created based on version 2.9 of Winamp, released in 2003. It has almost all the basic features of the original program, and you can test it by accessing this link.

To play music from your computer, simply drag the file to the browser. You can tweak the equalizer, choose from 7 pre-loaded skins, or even import your favourite one.

Winamp2-js is an open-source project, and for the connoisseurs, the source code is available on GitHub.

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Load any classic Winamp skin just by dragging it onto the main window. (Shoutout to @stuk for JSZip which lets us decompress .wsz files in the browser. )

Drag local audio files into the playlist to queue them up.

During its peak in 2001, Winamp had more than 60 million users. With the popularization of streaming music services like Spotify and other more complete media players such as VLC, the program was no longer used, but never lost space in our hearts.

For the nostalgic users, it is still possible to download the latest version through the official website, but it has not been updated since 2014.


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