New 52 Free Proxy Websites – Especially Unlocking Restricted Websites For Free Browsing

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Do you know that Airtel 200naira for 20GB that later turned down to 200naira for 200MB was bypassed using free proxy sites and even glo 0.0KB unlimited free browsing was also bypassed using free proxy websites to download especially on UC mini handler and other vpns. So proxy servers allows you to have access to blocked websites, restricted websites, web pages and even making you to appear anonymous which means you will have full control and you will also be able to change location or area with just a proxy server of your choice.

Free Proxy Websites server


Well, it is very good to use proxy server and it also has its disadvantages which are;


  • It can be used to unlock browsing tweaks using vpn depending on the server you used.
  • You can change your location browsing location using a proxy like, you might be browsing from Nigeria, while your location in the internet will be shown as UNITED STATE.
  • Proxy server can speed up your browsing experience.


  • Do not use this proxy servers while visiting web pages that contains your sensitive information like bank details (credit card information), birth dates, bio data and others.
  • Be proactive.
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  1. Free open proxy –
  2. Proxify –
  3. Roogen –
  4. USA Proxy –
  5. Star Doll Proxy –
  6. Working proxy –
  7. Hidemytraxproxy –
  8. Pro unblock –
  9. Viewtube –
  10. Proxay –
  11. Greatest free proxy –
  12. Hide the internet –
  13. Can’t block this –
  14. Web proxy free –
  15. Proxy one –
  16. Vpn browse –
  17. Proxy 2014 –
  18. Just proxy –
  19. EXCS –
  20. The best proxy –
  21. Quick proxy –
  22. Unblocker –
  23. Hiding your info –
  24. Unlock YouTube best school –
  25. Rapid proxy –
  26. Proxyo –
  27. YouTube free proxy –
  28. Fast USA Proxy –
  29. Don’t filter –
  30. Vobas –
  31. Free YouTube  –
  32. Web proxy –
  33. Free YouTube proxy –
  34. Free proxy server –
  35. Defilter –
  36. Anonymizer –
  38. Ninja clock –
  39. New IP now –
  40. Proxy –
  41. Vtunnel –
  42. YouTube proxy server –
  43. Unblock my web –
  44. 4ever proxy –
  45. Zend proxy –
  46. Blew pass –
  47. Kproxy –
  48. Unblock YouTube free –
  49. Proxy 2014 –
  50. Unblock –
  51. Fun proxy –
  52. Kproxy site –
These are many proxy servers even up to billions of websites as proxy websites around the world with different countries and locations and some with different purposes so select any one from there above and use.
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