Learn How To Program For Free With This Google New App

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Google Just Launched A New App To Learn How To Program For Free

Learn How To Program For Free With This Google New App

Learn How To Program For Free With This Google New App: Area 120, the workshop for Google’s experimental products, has launched a new application to learn how to program for free. It’s called Grasshopper and it’s available for all iOS and Android users.

Currently, many companies value programming knowledge positively, so more and more people want to start learning coding. To make the task as simple and intuitive as possible, Area 120 of the tech giant Google makes Grasshopper available to users, a tool that anyone can start learning, even if they have never dealt with these concepts before.

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Its developers describe the application as a system to learn to program with free JavaScript from the mobile with a dedication of only five minutes a day. They point out that the current university approach has been somewhat obsolete, and that is why Grasshopper offers a new method better adapted for today’s gen.

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The tool proposes a new type of interactive curriculum that is based on daily practice and that allows users to access knowledge and activities through their mobile phone, at any time and place, taking advantage of transportation journeys public or the dead times.

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The system is eminently practical and looks for students to write code, as they consider this to be the best way to learn. It focuses on the coding of real things, avoiding heavy classes of syntax and allowing users to explore the lessons for themselves.

The units are structured as a series of courses that teach students from the basics of programming to the most complex concepts. The theoretical part is explained in an entertaining way and the knowledge is assessed through quiz questions, while the practice is carried out with puzzle games or in the Code Playground space to write personalized code. In addition, the app includes features to motivate, such as achievements or progress indicators.

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If you want to try the tool for yourself and learn to program JavaScript for free with Grasshopper, you can download it on iOS and Android.


So, what do you think about this new application? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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