Invincible Forces That Hurt Your Passion To Make Money Online

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Each morning when I wake up, I always ask myself, “what new opportunity does the online world holds today?”

The ability to make money online all depends on your passion, zeal, commitment and attitude towards making money.

When your passion to make money online is hurt, you have little or no interest in online money making. You tend to see the internet as a place where nothing good can come out from.

When you have a passion to make money online, you will definitely strive to have multiple streams of income.

When I first started to annex the opportunities on the internet, I had about three sources of making money online.

This was because I had the passion and desire to start earning money online. This passion acted as a driving force towards sourcing for other ways to make more money online.

I have once written a post as to why people fail to make money online. In that post I concentrated on two particular sets of people; those with a blog and those without a blog.

However, in this post I will be speaking generally about some invincible forces that are hurting your passion to make money from the internet.

I’ll be speaking majorly about some forces that I have encountered and have hurt my passion to make money online and I hope it will help you too.

What Are Invincible Forces

When I say invincible forces, I’m not talking about something spiritual or something mystical.

Invincible forces here refer to those things that kill or hurt your passion to earn money online that are not very obvious or which you could hardly notice.

Let’s take for example you have a website that you use for your business to sell stuffs, and for a period of 2 hours, your server was down, for that 2 hours, your traffic will reduce which of course will affect your sales. But the most important thing is that you know the reason why it was so, you know it was caused by your server down time and to it there is a remedy.

But in a situation whereby, your server is OK, and everything seems normal and for over a period of five months, your sales keep reducing drastically without any obvious cause.

This could really be a bit very difficult to understand why, and most especially hard to profound a solution.

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Some Invincible Forces Hurting Your Passion

Having known what invincible forces are, let’s take a stroll into some of the invincible forces that I’ve encountered over the years and a few others that you may also want to know, and learn to avoid.

However, if there is any you think I’ve left out in this list, I would be more than glad to hear about it. Use the comment box to tell us about it, your point might help someone too.

1. Divided Attention: During my early days of trying to make money online, I had a very strong zeal and passion, however, I was not one hundred percent (100%) focus on it. Not because I don’t want to, but because I had other things that take a very big share of my time. Hence, leaving the remaining time for my online activities. My quest of trying to earn a living online all started during my university days. Thus, my time of usually going online to get a glimpse of what’s trending is second to school activities.

If you are thinking of starting your own online business, ensure you give it your undivided attention. This will go a long way to ensure it’s success and survival among competitors in the internet.

2. Doing It On Your Own: In another post which I titled “why you as an entrepreneur need a mentor”, I justified the reason why you should have a mentor, because there are many ways in which you need the guide or assistance of an expert, or probably someone who can always motivate you till you get your desired result.

Too many times I’ve tried doing it all on my own, and the results are nothing compared to what I imagined. This made me weary and I was getting bored of the whole internet and online money stuff. It is possible to have great ideas that you can easily pilot to achieve great success. However, if you keep doing it on your own, there will be many things you will be missing out on. And this may be a great advantage to your competitors. Thus, when you see your competitors flourishing, you think they did something mysterious. It’s just something you have not realized yet because you are too busy thinking you’ve known it all.

3. Focusing On The Negative Part: There is something about the mind, when your mind is set on something negative, whether the negativity is in you, or in others or in the internet, it will definitely close your thoughts towards seeing the bright side and gradually drag you off course.

Despite all I’ve heard about the internet and the online scams, I still did not allow it to cloud my thinking. When you are filled with negative thoughts your passion slips away.

If I had given attention to the negative things happening all over the internet, I would not have written this post to enlighten you on these invincible forces. When you know what you want and you are ready to take the bull by the horn, you will go get it, no matter the cost. When making money online, you are bound to come across so many negativities. But do not allow them to get in your way to make money online.

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4. Waiting Too Long: One important thing I’ve come to realize is that time plays a very important role in your passion. Take it or leave, you can’t be anxious about something forever. If you do not follow or start your passion early enough, as time progresses, you will lose interest in whatever you once had passion about. This is one thing that has helped me over time. I started my quest to make money online when I had the zeal and passion for it. I did not wait for my university days to be over before I set the ball rolling.

Even after you start your money making quest, the ability to be curious and adventurous also keeps the ball rolling. Dare to try new things and take bold steps when you have the zeal for it. Avoid waiting too long before you start.

5. Always Fantasizing: Yes! It is a good thing to always imagine a very bright future, but you have to equally work hard for it too. (check out the guest post I wrote for where I talked about the difference between a dream and a goal)

I have friends whom we all sit and talk about our aspirations and dreams, we can imagine the most luxurious life with extremely expensive stuffs. But it dawned on me one faithful day that in order for these fantasies to become a reality, we’ve got to work for it.

Sitting all day and day-dreaming makes you lazy; you get carried away by the pleasures you imagined and fail to plan towards it. If you don’t get out of it soon enough, when the time comes for you to hustle and make money, the zeal and passion to carry on and linger on in difficult times dies off within a short period, because you never saw it coming.

Did I Miss Any Thing Important?
This is as far as I can go. Did I really miss anything important that should be made known? If you’ve ever encountered or noticed any invincible force that were hurting your passion to make money online, we would really like to know about it and how you dealt with it.

Let us know about other invincible forces by using the comment box below.

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  1. Hi Abuku, you raised a very vital points here about what stops many from making money online.

    For me I’ll say that focusing on many things like job, social media and other irrelevant things had been a strong force that held me from making money online.

    That’s why I resolved to quit my job and focus on productivity instead of activity.

    And again, the importance of having a mentor cannot be overemphasized. It is what separates successful entrepreneurs from the average. Having a mentor increases your money making capacity to 300%.

    For that to happen, learn to buy premium products and courses. Stop running after free things.

    Thanks again Abuku for sharing these great tips. It was cool coming here.

    • Hello Promise,

      It’s nice seeing you around here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Truly, social media is one big hindrance and a major distraction to making money online. If only does energy consumed on social media can be channeled to develop oneself, the results will ne outstanding.

      However, Free stuffs also does not help at all, rather, it ends up making you look unserious.

      Very helpful insight, thanks once again, Promise.

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