How To Turn Your Android Into A Portable Scanner

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How To Turn Your Android Into A Portable Scanner

How To Turn Your Android Into A Portable Scanner

How To Turn Your Android Into A Portable Scanner: Have you ever needed to scan a document? To scan a document you need to have a dedicated machine. However, what if you can’t afford a machine just to scan a text document?

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We all now hold an Android smartphone and this operating system is of great use. You can scan a document using your Android’s camera. It will be right to say that in many ways, computers and smartphones have killed the paper.

So, if you are holding an Android smartphone, then you can eliminate the need of the portable scanner. Not only these, your Android can also convert the scanned document into PDF or TXT files.

There are few apps available on the Google Play Store that offers the feature of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to any Android. OCR feature helps users to scan the images with the help of phone’s camera that can be saved into a TXT or PDF format.

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How To Turn Your Android Into A Portable Scanner:

Here are some of the apps that can turn your Android device into a portable scanner:

1) Camscanner

This is one of the most popular and powerful Android apps that helps users to scan and digitize documents, images or anything that can be clicked using a phone camera.

In this app, users just need to scan any paper documents and the app will extract the text from the image.

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2) Genius Scan

With this app, you can turn your Android into a portable scanner. This app features an intelligent page recognition technology which helps users to scan any document to extract the text out of it.

3) Docufy

With Docufy, you can scan documents and can convert it to PDF formats. You can scan almost everything from cash receipts to bank statements. This app also has an OCR feature which scans for the text inside a picture.

4) Text Fairy

Text fairy is another addition to the list and it helps you to convert an image to text. This app actually offers lots of features. You can even convert the scanned page into PDF using Text fairy.

5) Text Scanner [OCR]

Text Scanner [OCR]
Developer: Peace
Price: Free


Text scanner is a new app which is not very famous. However, this app provides very useful features like the app supports more than 50 languages

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These are the 5 best Android apps that can turn your phone into a portable scanner. Hope you like the post, share it as much as possible.

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