How To Send Applications Via Whatsapp

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This post is going to teach you how you can send applications via whatsapp to other contacts on your phone. With this feature, you can send apps to friends over the internet.

So many people have always wished they can send or share some cool apps on their phone with a friend via whatsapp, but since whatsapp does not support the sharing of applications, this has become nearly impossible to share apps via your whatsapp. I used the word “nearly impossible” because I have found a way through which you can easily share or send applications via whatsapp.

send applications via whatsapp

How To Send Applications Via Whatsapp

For you to be able to send applications via whatsapp, just follow the steps below. It’s as easy as you can imagine.

=> First You would need to Have the apk file of what you want to send to the other person.

=> Second, go to your file manager, look for the file, press and hold the file for the pop up to appear, click on rename.

=> Third, you would see something like .apk Put .txt after the .apk (e.g Allo.apk.txt)

=> Fourth, Go to your whatsapp, Click on the contact you want to send it to Click Send document, locate the file you just renamed with .txt

=> Fifth, Send………

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=> Sixth, The receiver would download the app, there after, the receiver should go to File manager, Locate the File received, Press and hold the file for the pop up to appear, click rename, delete  the .txt  in front of the .apk  leaving only the filename .apk (e.g Allo.apk)

=> Click done and Install…..

That’s all. Simple Right?

With this simple method, you can share that app you’ve always wanted to share via whatsapp.

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