How To Save and Cut Cost in Nigeria

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There are various ways in which we can save, but there are some certain guides to follow to ensure proper and legitimate successful savings in NIGERIA.

Here are 50 ways to save in Nigeria;

1. Make sure that you are getting all that you are entitled to from your employer. That amount you have just spent to get a professional certification may be refundable by your employer. Always ask

2. Learn how to save fuel by clearing
the clutter from your car. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, for every 100 pounds taken out of the vehicle, the fuel economy is increased by 1-2 percent.

3. Don’t buy newspapers as you can always find more current news online and the best part; they are free

4. Stop the caller tunes. Some people have up to 2 or more caller tunes.

5. Unplug your electronics. Unplug small appliances whenever you can.

Computers, cell phone chargers, and
other electronics often continue to use power — and radiate heat — even when turned off. To simplify, plug items into a power strip that you can use as a master switch.

6. Use, especially with their one dollar shipping cost per item to Nigeria.

7. Buy fuel in the morning; you stand to
save because service stations have their storage tanks buried below ground, and from integrated science; the colder the ground, the denser the gasoline and hence

8. Use LED bulbs and LED TVs

9. Make sure you have complete vehicle
particulars and that they are up to date. You don’t want the police, VIO and other officials breathing down your neck. Typical particulars include Vehicle licence, Road Worthiness, Insurance Certificate, and Driver’s licence.

10. Cut down on the drinking, smoking
and other vices. They not only save you money, they save you your health and may also save your relationship.

11. Use BBM and WhatApp calls more

12. When hanging your clothes on the washing line, hang them inside out so
the sun doesn’t fade your clothes. You also could hang them out in the evenings when there is less sun.

13. Use google maps when you are driving in routes you don’t know so that you can avoid driving in one-way

14. Consider entering into a “Contribution” with some friends you trust. This can help you save some money monthly.

15. However have plans for the bulk money when it comes in.

16. Google ‘promo code for items or services you are buying online.

17. Don’t give in to impulse buying – wait 24 hours and decode whether it’s something that you really need

18. You may get good deals for clothes and shoes from bend-down-select.
But ultimately you may need to mix them up with new ones cloth items.

19. You can travel with a friend to split
costs. It’s also more fun.

20. Wash your car yourself.

21. Make sure you have adequate insurance for your assets.

22. Want to buy a new phone; don’t! Swap your old one for it.

23. Sell things you don’t use any more
on Olx or better still declutter by giving to an orphanage.

24. Buy a washing machine, cut the dry
cleaning costs

25. Cook your meals, avoid fast foods

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26. Chose the right call plan.

27. Have a budget

28. Look for a cheap apartment to rent,
talk to several agents

29. Use your ATM only at your bank

30. Any side money you get not in your
budget should be saved

31. Shop on online platforms, saves you
the stress of driving and the makes selection easier

32. Buy foodstuffs and other household
daily consumables in bulk

33. Write a list before any shopping and
go with the exact money not a penny

34. Buy quality not quantity

35. Don’t blow your money on caro caro/
baba ijebu

36. Clean or change out your car’s air
filter periodically.

37. Go for GoTV instead of its premium

38. Book flights well in advance

39. Reduce stress at work, stress may
make you spend more.

40. Leave that car sometimes at home
and commute to work

41. Always ask people the price range of
items before you hit the shops

42. Invest your savings; why? Because
your money not invested is subjected
to inflation

43. Avoid the temptation of acquiring a
pet, and especially that of a dog.

44. Utilize coupons; Jumia and Konga
and other all offer different categories
of coupons

45. Put off the Generator.

46. Learn how to say no.

47. Don’t try to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. It’s not worth the stress and won’t make you happier in the long run

48. Track your expenses periodically. Keep a spreadsheet or download an App like mint on your phone to track your spending.

49. Drive outside peak hour where possible. Traffic interruptions account for up to 40% of our city fuel consumption.

50. Add your own tips and share!

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