How to Fix Unfortunately System UI has Stopped on Android

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Well, this is a common problem to we Android users. I recently got this error “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped“. That moment, my phone became less responsive and the display turned blank for a second.

If you ask me, i don’t really know the actual cause of this error but i know it will be from the System UI app in your phone or some few other apps. In this article i have provided the possible solutions to this problem – Unfortunately, System UI has Stopped. Kindly follow me along.

How to Fix Unfortunately System UI has Stopped

There is no one way of fixing this error message but in most cases, the first method has been really helpful to me. So you should try out and see which works for your phone.

First Method

Restart Your Device: With a simple restart, the error is fixed without the need for any other solution. So before you go ahead with any solution try out to see if the Error still persists and based on that you can go ahead with the other solutions mentioned below.

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Second Method

Uninstall Google App Update: Go to Settings > then tap on Applications or App > scroll down to Google App and tap on it > now tap on Uninstall updates option to stop the updates.

Restart your Android device and check if the Error is fixed or not.

Third Method

> Navigate to your device Settings
>> Select “Applications
>> Swipe to All
>> Then scroll down to “System Interface” or System UI (depending on the phone).
>> Now, Force Stop it, Clear Cache and also Clear Data if possible.
>> Finally, restart your device and everything should be back to normal.

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I hope with these few steps, you should be able to fix the problem Unfortunately System UI has stopped.

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