Hacked Windows Phone Run Windows RT & Store Apps

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Windows Phone Hacked to Run Windows RT & Store Apps

Hacked Windows Phone Run Windows RT & Store Apps

Hacked Windows Phone Run Windows RT & Store Apps: Whenever we talk about the desktop operating system, Microsoft’s Windows comes first in our mind. However, Microsoft also holds a mobile phone section that failed miserably. Microsoft has officially announced that their Windows mobile devices will no longer receive security updates or features.

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Previously we have seen the hardcore fans of Microsoft’s Windows phone are found trying hard to keep the mobile platform alive. Just a few weeks ago, we have seen a Twitter user managed to run both Windows 10 (ARM version) and Windows RT on Lumia 1520 phablet.

Now, another Twitter user @imbushuo managed to install Windows RT on a Lumia 640XL. The best thing is in this project, the Windows RT runs in a perfect manner. The developer has fixed all bugs that prevent features like the video playing in the browser.

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Another best thing is that the Lumia 640 XL running Windows RT is also able to install apps from Microsoft Store and it looks like the phone can handle those apps pretty smoothly. Almost every other features including multitasking support also seem to work fine.

However, Windows RT can’t offer cellular support because “Windows and Windows Phone share a different RIL stack unless you develop a set of tools that deal with AT commands, you will not get cellular connectivity on Windows RT on Lumias.”


This is indeed a great project, and the best thing is the fans of Windows phone are still trying to keep the platform alive despite the company announcing the end date.


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