Google New Search Engine

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Google Just Launched A New Search Engine

Google New Search Engine

The tech giant Google’s web search engine is well known to all, and it has virtual monopoly online that makes this company consider other possibilities and projects. One of them is the one that has just seen the light: Talk to Books, a Google search engine for books.

This search engine uses Google’s machine learning to search for phrases and citations in its immense database, which already reaches more than 100,000 books. It is easy to use, because thanks to machine learning it is ready to understand human language and complete sentences, beyond keywords.

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Talk to Books is currently available only in English, although if you search in any native languages you will also get results. This happens because there are many books that have been added to the Google database in many other native languages, a base that will grow little by little.

Once you find the phrase you were looking for, you can access that page of the book if the author allows it. If not, you can see the preview of it in Google Books, another project of the company to digitize and map books in all languages.

It is an interesting proposal from the tech giant Google, which wants to become the world library with projects like this one. In addition, searches serve this company to perfect the functioning of its machine learning, key in several areas.

This Google book finder has nothing to do with the normal search engine. In fact, it works in a completely different way, as one of its engineers explained in the statement published by the tech giant Google on its blog.

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So, what do you think about this Google New Search Engine? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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