Get Free MTN 5GB Data

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Early today, i received a text message from MTN that reads;

Fantastic news! Upgrade your SIM to a 4G SIM today and we will reward you with 5GB of FREE data INSTANTLY! Hurry up, there’s little time left!

What this simply means is that, MTN is giving out free 5GB of data when you upgrade your MTN sim to a 4G Sim card.  Isn’t that interesting?

The data can be used for browsing, downloading, streaming etc. And it doesn’t require any form of VPN before it can power all apps on your Android phone. As we all know that MTN has the widest network coverage in Nigeria, switching to MTN 4G should be a must if you want to enjoy the speed of LTE.

MTN 4G data plans are available but this awoof data is just to welcome you to the 4G network. You can checkout the available MTN 4G data plans and how to subscribe for it Here.


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Before you can enjoy this awoof data from MTN 4G, you need a 4G LTE enabled smartphone, not just 4G enabled phone, but a 4G phone that support MTN’s 4G Band. MTN 4G LTE supports band 20 (800MHz) and Band 7 (2600MHz). Almost all 4G enabled smartphone has these Bands.

Secondly, you need to swap your MTN Sim for a 4G Sim card. Kindly visit any MTN Office nearest to you.You can also confirm if your phone supports MTN 4G service by sending 4G to 131, then you will receive a message like this;

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Yello! You need to upgrade your SIM card and device to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer to upgrade now. For more information of MTN 4G LTE, including 4G coverage location; please visit or walk-in to any of our service centers nationwide.

If your reply stated, “You need to upgrade your SIM card and Device to enjoy MTN 4G LTE”. Then your device doesn’t support MTN 4G service.

But if your reply stated, “You need to upgrade your SIM card to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Then your device has support for MTN 4G Bands. You only need to swap/upgrade your SIM.

After that, go to the nearest MTN office and swap your MTN SIM to a 4G LTE SIM.
Then dial *131 *4# and the free MTN 5GB data will be given to you instantly.

That’s all. I hope you understood all what I’ve written? If you are confused or have any question to ask, kindly use the comment box below and I’ll reply you immediately.

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