Free Browsing Cheat For Glo Using UC Mini Handler APK

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I want to quickly share an alternative free browsing cheat for Glo using UC Mini Handler. Some followers of this blog are already blazing this cheat. Though it’s not new but it is blazing perfectly well.


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I just want to let you know that this cheat is currently browsing fine and unlimitedly, but the way it displays or render pages is really odd. However, there is still some issue trying to use this cheat to download.

Glo 0.0kb is currently browsing unlimitedly without the use of VPN. It doesn’t require much settings as it is straight forward. You will be using UC Mini Handler for this.


  1. A Glo sim with no active data.
  2. UC Mini Handler
  3. It doesn’t require any VPN
  4. It doesn’t power all apps
  5. It is unlimited and very fast
  6. No speed limit
  7. Unlimited browsing

I will teach you how to setup UC Mini handler to browse unlimitedly on Glo. It’s very simple. Just follow me along.

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First of all, download UC Mini handler.apk if you don’t have it before.

Use default Glo APN settings

After successful download, install and launch.
Now, scroll down and set it as follows:

Tick Remove Port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy server:

Leave other settings as it was.

Now, tap on OK

After that, start browsing unlimitedly.

If in any way you got a perfect step to download with this free browsing cheat using UC Mini Handler, please kindly drop the steps in the comment box below, and I’ll update this post for others to enjoy as well if i confirm it’s working.

That’s all.

Please share.
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