Enjoy Daily Alerts Of 2000 Naira Into your Bank Account with Megaflowx

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been updating us the latest and legitimate way, where you can easily make money online. However, the act of making money is not just limited to the online world only. there are still lots of possible ways where you can make money both offline and online.

However, here is a more interesting and easy way to rake in N2000 into your bank account on a daily basis.

The idea of this business, is not to make you get rich quickly or empower you overnight. The essence of this business is to provide the average Nigerian a minimum of N2000 daily to be able to meet a few of their everyday need.

Introducing MegaflowX …the Next Big Thing in Nigeria!


It’s all about loading tickets and just getting paid!

The system is very simple and easy to use. All you’ve got to do is get a Flow Ticket and Load it in your MX Account for N2000 only, and you’ll receive 4 Flow Tickets. Get four (4) persons to Load each of your Flow Tickets in their MX Accounts for N2000 each and you’re done!

Sit back and enjoy 20 payment alerts of N2000 each flowing into your bank account as more and more Tickets are Loaded Daily!

However, you must note that this is not a form of networking scheme whereby people who load your tickets are under you. The system works and rotates in three ways MX Flowchat and it keeps flowing in such order. Hence a beneficiary today maybe a buyer tomorrow. You may sell tickets today and tomorrow you may be the one to need a ticket to unlock your other accounts.

Furthermore, one major reason why some people would never be interested in this life changing opportunity or the question most people often ask is that, ‘how do I get 4 persons to load my tickets?’

Well it gets even better, MX has introduced an online system whereby you can sell your tickets online without having to talk to any body. Thereby eliminating marketing and offering a more easy way to sell your tickets right from the comfort of wherever you are. It’s quite very easy. All you have to do is open an account with MX, send a ticket request from your account, within a short while, you will get a ticket via sms to the number provided by you. Load the ticket make payment to the account number displayed to you, thereafter you will be entitled to four tickets. Also send your tickets to those who have made a request for tickets, they will also load your tickets and make payment to the bank also.

With this easy method, MX has been able to make the sale of tickets more easy than ever. No more spending your precious time trying to convince someone who may end up turning down this great offer because they fail to see the great opportunity that lies ahead of them.

However, you may find below more detailed steps on how to go about the general processes involved in MX, from registration down to the part of being a beneficiary and vis-a vis.

Step 1. HOW TO GET A REFERRER: Opening an account on MegaflowX.com is Free. All you need is the Account ID of an existing Member. However, here is an ID you can use MX4993750.

Opening a Free MX Account is in two parts:
1. Open The MX Account
– Visit MegaflowX.com
– Click “Open Account” OR scroll down ⬇ to the Open Account section.
– Select your Country
– Enter your Referrer’s MX Account ID
– Click “Open Account”
– Fill Application Form accurately.
– Accept the Terms & Conditions
– Click “Submit”

2. Activate Your New MX Account
– Login to your Email Address
– Check your Inbox or Spam folder for email from MegaflowX
– Click Activation Link
– Login to your New MX Account.

If you cannot find the Activation Email from MegaflowX, please contact MX support here via the numbers..

There are two ways to get a Flow Ticket:
1. From Your MX Account:
You can get a Flow Ticket directly from your MX Account. To do this:
– Login to your MX Account
– Scroll down ⬇ on your Dashboard, which is the first page you see when you log in.
– Click the “Send Ticket Request” Button on your profile badge.
– Check that your Phone Number is correct, else edit your profile.
– Click submit and you’re done. You’ll receive a Flow Ticket via SMS within a few minutes/hours.

2.You can also get a flow ticket From Your Referrer.

After getting a Flow Ticket, you can Load it by:
– Login to your MX Account
– Click Menu
– Click My Flow Stations/3D Flow Station
– Enter Flow Ticket Number
– Click “Load Flow Ticket”
– Fill in your Bank Account Details & Click Next
– Read The Information Well & Click CHECKOUT
– Copy out the generated Beneficiary Account Details carefully.
– Make your payment of N2000 to Beneficiary using ATM Transfer, Online Transfer, Bank Deposit, Mobile Money Transfer or any other methods available to you.

However, If The Beneficiary Details is not displaying accurately, please also contact MX support

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You need the Beneficiary to confirm your payment before you can access your Account. To do this,
– Login to your MX Account
– Click Menu
– Click My Flow Manager/Send Confirmation Request
– Enter your Flow PIN
– Enter the Teller Number or any other Debit ID
– Click SUBMIT

The Beneficiary will confirm your payment once he/she gets the Credit Alert from his/her Local Bank.

You’ll get SMS from MegaflowX once the Beneficiary confirms your payment, and you’ll be able to access your Flow Tickets.

An Offline Buyer is anyone you share this information with, that is interested. You should start with Family, Friends and Colleagues. As you start earning, you’ll be able to communicate your experience to total strangers.

You can send your Flow Ticket to an Offline Buyer in 2 quick steps:

1. Access Flow Ticket ID
– Login to your MX Account
– Click Menu
– Click My Flow Stations/3D Flow Station
– Scroll down ⬇ to the “My Flow Tickets” section
– Click on any of your Flow Tickets with VIEW status
– Copy the Flow Ticket ID.

2. Send Flow Ticket ID
– Paste and send Flow Ticket ID to the buyer using SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, BBM, etc.

When people send a request for a Flow Ticket from their MX Account, it shows up on the Flow Market.
1. To Access Your Flow Tickets
– Login to your MX Account
– Click Menu
– Click My Flow Stations/3D Flow Station
– Scroll down ⬇ to the “My Flow Tickets” section
– Click on any of your Flow Tickets with VIEW status
– Copy the Flow Ticket ID.

2. To Check The Flow Market For Ready Buyers
– Click My Flow Stations/3D Flow Station
– Scroll down ⬇ to the Flow Market at the bottom of the page.
– There are four (4) Buyer Status on the Flow Market:
* GreenReadyBuyer : Buyer Needs Ticket NOW
* GreyAwaitingResponse : Buyer Has Ticket, But Not Used
* OrangeProcessing : Buyer Is Making Payment
* RedConfirmed: Buyer’s Payment Is Confirmed

3. Send Flow Ticket ID
– Click on any available Green-Ready-Buyer
– Paste your Flow Ticket ID in the space provided
– Click Send.

MegaflowX is a game of Speed. We enjoy multiple Alerts happening at the same time. Never Load a Flow Ticket until you are ready and chanced to go make payment for it.

So If someone Loads your Ticket and is delaying to make payment and someone else is ready and waiting, you can Flush the Ticket and give it to the Ready Buyer. To do this,
– Login to your MX Account
– Click Menu
– Click My Flow Manager/Flush Pending Tickets
– Enter your Flow PIN
– Carefully Identify the Flow Ticket You Want to Flush

* Warning: Contact and confirm from Buyer before flushing.
– Click “Delete”

Note: Once the Buyer’s payment is confirmed, you can no longer Flush that Ticket.

– Login to your MX Account
– Click Menu
– Click My Flow Manager/Confirm Your Alerts
– Enter your Flow PIN
– Cross Check & Confirm the Depositor & TellerNo with the Credit Alert you received from your Bank.
– Confirm that the BuyerStatus is showing “Paid”
– Change “Unpaid” to “Paid” to Confirm
– You are Done.

Note: Once payment is confirmed, it cannot be reversed. You’ll only cheat yourself when you confirm a payment you have not received.

Mega Points are used on MegaflowX to access divers features, bonuses & upgrades. You earn Mega Points by referring people to open the Free MX Account, using your MX Account ID.

However to refer and earn a Point, two key rules apply:
1. You cannot refer anyone with your MX Account ID until you have Loaded a Flow Ticket.
2. You will NOT get any Mega Point if the people you refer Load your Flow Ticket.

Two Steps to Earn Mega Points:
1. Give them your MX Account ID
– Login to your MX Account
– Copy your MX Account ID from your Profile Badge.
– Give it to the person or people who want to open a Free MX Account.

2. Direct Them To The Flow Market.
– Tell them to Get a Flow Ticket using the “Send Ticket Request” Button on their Dashboard.

When they send the Request, it will show up on the Flow Market and another Merchant will send a Flow Ticket. So they will Load a Flow Ticket from someone else and you will get One (1) Mega Point.

Do’s and Don’ts
1. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH YOURSELF: Do not Load YOUR OWN Flow Tickets. You will not get any Alert because you will have TOO MUCH WORK (16 Flow Tickets) to do.

  1. Do not Load a Ticket for your LITTLE CHILDREN.: You’ll not get any Alert because they will not be able to get others to Load their Flow Tickets.

  2. Do not FORCE Anyone who is not interested to Load a Flow Ticket: You will not get any Alert because they will not operate their Account.

  3. Do not DECEIVE Anyone to Load your Flow Ticket: Tell them exactly how it works, otherwise they’ll get disappointed and say it doesn’t work when others are enjoying Alerts.

Final Words
I believe the information I shared with you above, is more than enough for you to make a wise decision. I’m not in a position to tell you what to do, it’s totally your decision. But what I can tell you is, MX is here to stay. If you decide to spend the N2000 on other things, it will not yield you much. Develope the mind of an entrepreneur and Invest today.

However, you have to be patient. Flow Tickets will trend all over this country like Recharge Card. Anyone not interested now will be interested soon. Ensure you get 4 Interested Persons to Load your Flow Tickets. Lead them to this website so they can understand it like you and you’ll so enjoy MegaflowX.

The future belongs to people like us who see opportunities before they become obvious.

Benefits Of Registering Through My MX ID

If you register through my MX ID I will give you the following packages as bonus:

  • Complete A-Z guide of importation Business which is sold for N3,000 for free.
  • Fiver Cash Generating Blueprint worth N4000.
  • How to create an approved Google Adsense account within 6hrs.
  • Adsense money secrete revealed.
  • Website creation guide.
  • Facebook cash secrete.
  • How to also make money from information business.
  • My Database of over 50,000 e-mails for your marketing.
  • How to advertise for free.

Refuse to be among those who continue to wallow in poverty because they want a quick path to success without willing to make sacrifice. Most Nigerian youths are guilty of this act, as they want to get rich without spending a dime. Tell me, what kind of business can you possibly establish & hope to make huge profits without a capital to start? Do you prefer to remain on the same level because you are afraid to invest N1,500 now & earn great returns daily? The Choice Is Yours….


Become a Campaign Agent
The Company – Global Quest Inc. is recruiting individuals who fit into any of the Categories below to work with them as Agents in their ongoing Awareness Campaign Nationwide. As a Campaign Agent, you can earn from N10, 000.00 and above on Sales Commissions every month, while working at your own pace, comfort and convenience. You decide how much you want to earn and when you want to get paid.

The Categories Are:
Media Agents: Music Artists, Music Producers, Animation Producers, Graphics Designers, Photographers, Short-Videos Producers, etc.
Broadcast Agents: Bloggers, Website Owners, Music Shop Owners, YouTube Channel Owners, Bill-Board Owners, Radio Program Hosts, TV Show Hosts, Magazines & other Print Media Publishers, etc.
Field Agents: This category is for Marketers. Anyone who considers himself/herself a professional at marketing and prefers Sales Commissions to Daily Alerts can apply for this category.

Are you interested? Then forward your application: Name, Phone Number, Location, Category and a Brief Description of your skills to CampaignNGN@MegaflowX.com For more info/clarifications: +2348134320532

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