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In this current day and age, and now much more than ever, the sheer volume of technology that is all around us continues to shape our existence, and changes the way we behave and interact. With the overwhelming number of different new advancements being released almost every day, an individual can easily get lost in this sea of brand-new cutting edge tech.

On the other hand, some tech remnants of days past are still used by an enormous number of people from all corners of the Earth, and this phenomenon we will the centerpiece which this article will revolve around.

More precisely, we’ll be talking about two insanely popular and heavily-used file formats, and why/how to turn them into each other.

The main characters of this story are two ultra-prominent file formats, the JPEG, and the PDF. JPEG was unveiled and released in the beginning of the 90s by the Joint Photographic Experts Group, and its main use is in digital photography and on the Internet. It is a lossy compression format, where you can choose between the size of the image and its quality, but one will lessen the other one, and the other way around.

On the other side of the medal, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is used for sharing between devices and computers, and because of its fantastic formatting characteristics the PDF can be viewed on every O.S. and tablet/smartphone, while other file formats can’t even come close to that. For this reason many programs have the option to create a PDF out of an existing file, and this way make them perfect for sending.

While converting JPEGs to PDF is definitely very useful when you want to share that file with someone, there are also some other great advantages to be mentioned.

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  1. The storing of the files

If you’re lacking space on your hard drive, converting all your photos to PDF will definitely free up your computer, because the PDF compresses the file in a much denser way than the JPEG format.

  1. Printing

The difference between printing PDFs and JPEGs is quite big, and it’s all because of the so-called Pixel dimension. When you print a JPEG, the Pixel dimension will not be the same on screen and when printed, which can be really misleading and frustrating. This type of problem cannot happen with the PDF, and its end result is always exactly the same on screen and paper.

Use Free Online PDF Creator by PDF Converter to rapidly convert your JPEG to PDF, and in the next couple of passages, we’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

convert JPEGs to PDF

As this picture shows, the first thing that needs doing is selecting the file itself. Once that’s done, your email address is required, where the link to the download page will appear once the tool finishes the conversion. And lastly, just click on the start button to commence the entire process.

This was all we had for you regarding this interesting and somewhat complicated subject, and make sure to try this tool and manage your JPEGs in a professional and highly intelligent way.

This is a guest post written by Lucy Sanchez for cashrange.com

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