Dare To Make a Move

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Make a Move

Are you waiting for the perfect time to come before you make a move on implementing your ideas?

The conditions are never going to be
conducive enough to venture out.

There are no perfect platforms. There is never going to be a perfect time. The universe will not wait until you are ready, it simply moves on.

You need to venture out despite the
uncertainty surrounding you and your

Starting a business or any new venture for that matter is really tough, please run from people who tell you otherwise.

It goes beyond wishful thinking; it takes risks and sacrifice. Risk of losing everything; it can be that bad sometimes. Working round the clock. etc. But its worth it!

So what are you waiting for? Dare to make a move now.

Here are some tips to help you
get in and carry on.

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1. What would you do if you wouldn’t fail? Right off the bat, what is the one thing that you would do if you were insulated from failing? Go ahead and do it. Another way of looking at it is what you would do today if
you have got six months to live.

You need to have that sense of urgency.

2. Don’t be scared of failure; every business man or woman, company or economy constantly face the risk of failing.

Though it will be unfair to equate the level of risk of failure an established company or
business faces to that of a start-up.

nevertheless it is a constant. It’s like riding a bicycle; you face a greater risk of falling w hen you are just learning than when you are proficient. Each fall brings you closer to being proficient. So is failure in business and in life.

Each time you fail brings you closer to discovering not just how to do things better but also discovering who you truly are.

3. You can always start small; Taking things easy on. Not expecting too much.

4. Develop a tough skin to the shame of being called a failure, Here is one of my
favorite quotes from Game of thrones

“ Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you. ” ― George R.R.

5. Stop listening to naysayers; stay far away from people who only preach negativity. Just because no one has done it
before you doesn’t mean you cant.

6. Start following people who are into similar things; Instead of being with naysayers, make friends with people who share your views or who encourage you.

7. You can always do anything, sometimes by paying others to do it for you. Never miss an opportunity because you can’t
do it. When someone asks if you can do something, answer in the affirmative, you could always go back to learn that skill or outsource it to someone who knows how to do it. Be smart.

8. What would you tell your children if they asked you why you didn’t pursue your dreams? Or how can you guide them when
they are faced with similar situations if you don’t have first hand experience?

9. Get proper education. You can go through an apprenticeship program, or you can work for someone for a while. That way you gain valuable experience, and hence avoid some mistakes you would have made if you had ventured into that business without proper education.

So take classes, attend seminars, watch videos on youtube. Just learn before you take an action.

10. Stop making excuses. No one cares if it rained cats and dogs the whole year, and that’s why you never went to actualize your

Question is where is your umbrella when it raind? Truth is there are always excuses to give at every turn; the economy does not
support start-ups, you don’t have the capital, there are witches in the village, no one makes it where you came from. Etc.

Funny thing about excuses is that they become your reality.

So think carefully when next you want to give an excuse as to why things aren’t working out. Your excuses define you.

So, Dare To Make a Move.

Thanks for reading.

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