Check If Your Samsung Note 7 Is Safe From Explosion

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You can now check if your Samsung Note 7 is safe from explosion, just by following these steps. No need to live in fear with your Note 7. Check if it’s safe or not.check if your Samsung Note 7 is safe from explosion

Following various complains of exploding Galaxy Note 7s, Samsung has officially launched a new site to let Galaxy Note 7 owners easily know if their device is safe or not from explosion.
It comes about two weeks after Samsung started recalling all Galaxy Note 7 handsets worldwide due to exploding
battery issues.

 More than 80 Galaxy Note 7 smartphones users have complained of overheating due to the battery issues in just the US alone, and some users have reported battery explosions that have been blamed for fires in a car amongst many more.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission officially announced a formal recall of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Thursday.

This new site lets you enter your note 7 IMEI number to see if it is affected by the dreaded explosion disease.
You can find this by dialing *#06# on your Note 7 or by checking the Note 7 box.
Samsung also introduced a green battery icon on safe Galaxy Note 7 devices.

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The battery icon on safe Note 7s will change from white to green on the status bar, the ‘always on’ display screen, and the power off prompt screen.

Samsung is also marking all safe Galaxy Note 7 devices with a square symbol on the packaging of the box.

Although, Samsung’s green battery icon can be easily bypassed by unscrupulous sellers using third-party Android themes or apps, the company’s new online tool is the
best way to ensure you don’t buy a Note 7 that would randomly explode.

If you’re attempting to buy a used Galaxy Note 7 then I would advice you to check
the IMEI before purchasing it.

To check if your Note 7 is safe from explosion, check it here.

If you find out that your device is affected with the explosion issue, its better you return it immediately, to prevent damage to lives and properties.

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