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CashPoolPro (CPP) – How It Works

CashPoolPro is the 1st World Class auto Straight Line Cycler. Earn 61.41 BTC with a single CashPoolPro position and also get advertising credits with every position purchased.

No need for referrals, one time investment of 0.015btc or 0.03btc and that’s all you need to start earning ฿itcoin.

As a matter of fact, Whether you join or not, I will keep earning. But you’ll miss out of this opportunity to grow your wealth and bitcoin.

I decided to share this opportunity because of its relatively new and some people (including me) are already making a living out of it. Basically I’m into some physical business and also couple of online businesses too, but this platform I’m about to share appeals to me alot and its one of my cash cow as It has helped me alot in providing funds for some of my projects on a regular basis. This is a Bitcoin investment program and its all automatic.

The Packages

First of all, CashPoolPro has 3 packages and they are:

1. The CPPTurboBooster
2. The CPP Beginner’s Package and
3. The Main CashPoolPro Package (This is the mother of all of them)

CashPoolPro TurboBoost (CPP TurboBoost) is the latest automated Package in the CashPoo/lPro Packages and this is the fastest paying system in the world where members all over the world will earn between N60,000 to N240,000 on a weekly basis.

Here Is How It Works

The ‘CPP TurboBoost’ is an Automated 2×2 Straight-Line metrix system that gives every member the opportunity to cycle out of the system once a total number of 6 people had been placed after them by the system and every member will earn a total of 0.065btc (N60,000 or $168) in their bitcoin wallet.

After cycling out of the 2×2 matrix system, the computer will automatically move you into the CPP Beginners package so as to facilitate your growth into the Main CPP Package (Which is the mother package).

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Once 3 people had been given to you by the system, you will be automatically moved to Phase 0 package which is the biggest Package in CashPoolPro business. And This is where you will earn well over 59.52 bitcoins (Over N50million Naira) whether you refer people into the biz or not.

Cashrange - Cashpoolpro

Earnings in the CPPTurboBooster is extremely fast which also leads to a quicker cycling for everyone in the Main CPP Package where everyone will earn 59.52btc.

The Cost of joining the 2×2 matrix system is 0.015btc (N15,500 naira or $39).

You can also purchase more positions and earn more money within your first 48hrs to 78hrs by re-entering thr system over and over again once you’ve cycled out.
If you purchase 4 positions you will earn 0.065btc x 4 = 0.26btc (N240,000 or $658) in total. This means more income for everyone.



*An auto pilot system*
*No referrals required*

 If You’re New To Bitcoin, click HERE to know about it.


CashPoolPro (CPP) is a Horizontal Straight-line Cycler with Auto pilot on upgrade and withdrawal where everyone who joined the system is placed on the side of each other (e.g from left to right).

Everyone can earn in the system whether you refer or not.

The CPP system is designed to also favor those people who have fear for recruiting, thereby, they would also earn enough income to start sharing their testimonies with their friends on social media.

And you will earn from ‘Every 3′ members that joins the straight-line matrix after you. Meaning your income will be a consistent income in CPP.

It is therefore, very important to book a spot early enough before the news goes Viral.

You can earn up to 1btc a week. This income can be achieved in a week since this is a straight-line matrix and many people all over the world will be part of the cycle. Remember, you’re not bringing everyone to join the system.

The CPP doesn’t work like the conventional Matrix methods where everyone will have to start scrambling for downlines by themselves.. In CPP, every member will support each other in the straight-line matrix to achieve success together.

Lastly, it’s not compulsory for you to recruit people and earn but  every member who decides to keep recruiting will get 0.01btc as referral commission from everyone he or she recruits into the business with his or her referral link and there’s no limit and this helps to sustain the system.

Meaning, that, if you recruit 10 people into the business with your link, you will get a referral commission of 0.01×10 = 0.1btc. If you decide to recruit 100 people, you’ll get 0.01×100 = 1btc

In CPP We’re earning both from the Straight Line Cycler and Referral commissions and don’t forget everything is on Autopilot both upgrading and withdrawing.




P.S: Pls make sure you have your 0.015btc or 0.03btc before registering.


This matrix is for those who loves auto-upgrades and hates recruiting. Here is the benefit of joining CashPoolPro :

  • With this plan you can go earn 61+ btc..
  • Its a straight line cycler.
  • Referrals are not mandatory, means everyone makes money here.
  • Everyone joins in single line.
  • One will cycle out to the next phase as soon as 3 people join after him, either from you or from any referrer.

Now , there are two main sources of income.

  1. As per plan below.. As soon as 3 people join after u, you will get 0.03 btc in ur wallet and move to Phase 1 automatically and so on.
  2. Referral income – 0.01 btc for every direct referral.
  • So you can refer unlimited number of referrals (OPTIONAL).
  • System is fully automated.
  • You need to join and upgrade with 0.03btc one time, rest system will take care of everything.
  • You can refer as much people as you want.
  • As soon as you cycled out from phase 0 and system sends you 0.03 you can buy another position in phase 0 for more income.




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Add your bitcoin wallet address

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Click on Cashout Settings
  3. Click on Manage
  4. Click on New Address
  5. Write bitcoin address in the box in front of Bitcoin Address
  6. Enter your security answer
  7. Click on Add



Fund Your Account

  1.  Go to My wallet
  2. Click on Add Money
  3. Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to deposit (e.g. 0.03, 0.06, 0.09, 0.12)
  4. In payment options select Coinpayments
  5. Click on Add
  6. On next Page Click on Submit
  7. You will be redirected to coinpayments. You need to submit your details and select the coins.
  8. Send the payment to the bitcoin address provided. Wait for the coinpayments for 2 confirmations on the bitcoin network.
  9. As soon as it confirms, your btc will be sent to your Cashpoolpro account.



Buying Positions

  1.  Go to Purchase
  2.  No of position , write 1
  3. Payment option: Coinpayments (Main Balance)
  4. Click On Buy Now, Just buy a position, relax and keep receiving bitcoins in your wallet !




Don’t miss out. It HAS NEVER BEEN THIS EASY & IT CAN NEVER BE EASIER THAN THIS So stop waiting and join the program now, bring your family and friends onboard and let’s grow together on this financial freedom.



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Unlike other matrix program where you need to build a team or recruit people before you earn, it’s not like that in CASH POOL PRO.

In CPP, let say you just registered and you are Number 10 on the line.

Now 11,12,13 automatically are placed beside Number 10, u don’t need to be the one to register them before they are placed under you.

Now as for Number 11; 14 15 16 automatically are placed beside Number 11 and so on like that.

I hope you now understand?

It’s just a straight line matrix, not 2×4, 4×6 or 3×12 matrix.

Now if you decide on your own to refer anyone, you earn 0.01btc instantly as Referral commission, I repeat instantly. Let say you refer 100 people that means you will earn 1btc instantly. It’s automatic.

Remember referral is OPTIONAL, It is not compulsory. You still earn without referring anyone.


Cash Pool Professional is the future of all the matrixes. Every human being must join this to increase their revenue easily.




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