Car Trends To Expect In 2017

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A car is not just the easiest way to get from point A” to point “B”, not anymore. It is much more than that.

Engineers and designers spend a lot of time searching for optimal solutions to make one’s every ride the best experience. Click on to find interesting and useful information from the “world of cars“.

Car Trends

Jiji Blog is always ready to entertain and help its readers. Here you can learn about all 2017 car trends. And now see the most interesting of them.


New models will be equipped with various cameras to assist drivers during parking. Some brands are planning to launch their own parking services to make it even better.

Body work:

Cars are going to absorb impacts better. Frames are getting stronger, new materials are developed, and vehicles are ready to face new challenges and correspond to the newest standards.

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Autonomous systems:

While cruise control is not a new thing today, some manufacturers are ready to introduce motorway modes, which will take control over your car while you are driving on a highway outside the city.


Smart lights are probably the most pleasant innovation. Some developers are already experimenting with headlights, which will avoid blinding oncoming drivers. These will be LED lights, a while ago available only for premium-class models.


Every next car model is meant to create emotion through experience. New interior is a big deal, but economics and interfaces are equally significant. Designers don’t tell what they have prepared, but they promise to impress you.


It looks like touch screens, gesture and voice control are going to replace physical controls. maybe not in 2017 completely, but soon enough.


Whatever new appears on the market, it will be used. Though today all you need is a good stylish mount for your smartphone.

Engineers don’t have much time to rest with so much going on around. If you are planning to get new wheels next year, you may be sure: these will be the best wheels.

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