Can I Become Rich By Working For Somebody?

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working for somebody

Ask an average student in the university why he is in school and he’ll tell you that he just needs the certificate to get a good job.

Of course! That’s what their parents drummed into their ears. That’s what the society promotes. Your life is next to nothing if you don’t go to school, get good grades, graduate and get a secure high paying job.

Unfortunately, Mr. “Secure Job” died long time ago after the birth of Brother “Information age”
The information age changed everything!

Recently, I saw a meme on Facebook that reads: if you announce to your friends on Facebook that you’ve just got a job, you get 1215 likes and 100 comments. But, if you launch a business and announce it on Facebook, you get barely 10 likes and 2 comments.

What does that tell you?

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It simply means having a job feels safe and comfortable in their own perspective.

People love jobs. They want to play it safe. They are hoping that they would save enough and eventually retire and live the life of their dreams.

How mistaken they are. How blurred their vision is.

There are people who cannot imagine a life without salary. Even if they hate their jobs, they can’t leave the comfort zone of a job.

According to Gallup’s 2013 Poll, 70% of Americans hate their jobs.

There is the fussy boss, snobby colleagues, never-satisfied customers, long working hours and all the drama that comes with a job.

Now, go to the bank or fastfood and see the faces of this “working class citizens”. You will feel pity. Are they not supposed to be happy? Isn’t that why they went to school in the first place – to get a job?

Many of them keep “managing” until they find a better job.

NEWS HEADLINE: There is Never A Better Job.

It’s just an illusion that when we leave our present job we’ll find a better one. In fact, there was a time I left a job I was doing for the one I thought was better. When I got there, I realized that actually, all that glitters is not gold.
People keep “managing” for 2 years, 5 years, 10, 30 years.

Finally, they become too old to work. The company can no longer keep an “old man” around. So, they look for a younger man and replace him. Oh! They call that retrenchment.

Now the poor man is at home. Doing what?
Cursing of course. He blames his boss for using and dumping him.

He can’t come to terms with the fact that he has been slaving away his time and energy building an empire that he will never live in. He’s been living in fantasy all these years.

So sad!

After few months or perhaps weeks, he’s broke. Sometime too broke to afford the basic needs of life.

I’m sure; you don’t want to play a part in such tragic comedy. Do you? Well, except, you’re the protagonist- in this case, the boss.

Now the question comes to mind: Can I become rich working for somebody”?

Yes. No.

Yes, you can, if what you want out of life is just salary-they call it paycheck to paycheck.
You can get a high salary working for somebody else. But, it has to be in careers like financial analysis, medicine, management or consulting. These are what I like to call “evergreen careers”. They are always in demand.

Did I tell you that you have to work for 10-25 years (in a large company) to earn a really big salary?
Ok I just did.

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In a county like Nigeria, plagued with unemployment, getting a job with a reasonable salary could only be a dream. Having a decent job that pays you up to $100 (N20,000) could be difficult especially if you’re not a graduate (degree holder).
So, the thought of even getting rich with a salary of $100 could be like waiting for an airplane in a seaport.

You know the local saying, “big man, big trouble”? That’s right.

For a salary earner, it means the higher the salary the higher the expenses. It’s a natural tendency to show off. You want to show people that you’ve finally arrived.

A man rightly told me that it doesn’t matter whether someone is earning high or low. That’s because, if you earn a low salary, you’ll like to curtail your expenses. But, if you earn a high salary, you’ll try to keep up with the Joneses.

Have you noticed that when your salary was low, you didn’t bother so much about your appearance? You were just fine with the little you had. All you cared about was decency.

But, immediately you got a raise or had a new job with a higher salary– boom!
“I don hammer” became your song.

You started visiting the biggest boutique and supermarket in town. You no longer wear, “bend down select” because your shoes are now “Made in Italy”.

You see, higher salary only equals to more expenses with little or no saving. No investment. No nothing.

For such person, becoming rich could only be a glorious dream (which may never come true).

Secondly, if what you are looking for is wealth, then sorry to say, NO.

It is very difficult to become wealthy or rich working for somebody. A lot of the income of wealthy people comes from dividends on assets.

As an employee, what type of dividend do you have?

Basically, rich people rely on passive or residual income (Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it). For a salary earner, getting a passive income is impossible, at least not from a job.
If you cannot quit your job now and continue living comfortably without eventually having to go into debt, then you’re not wealthy/rich.

The Reasons You CANNOT be rich working for somebody else are:

    • You may work for 5-10 years in a company without a pay raise or promotion. Your boss does not care about your financial status. “Just get the job done” is his mandate. In most cases you have to practically beg for a raise before your boss decides to “think about it”. Until you quit, you may never get a raise.

    • You are busy building an empire that you may never live in. When all your life is spent trying to please your boss, you may never have the chance to pursue your dream or actualize your financial goals.

    • A salary is not an asset. So, no way that you can get a passive income from it.

    • You know they say that time is money but that’s not completely true because time is more important than money. Time is fleeting. Money spent could be gotten back. Employees are paid only 10% (or less) of their effort on their jobs. No matter your salary, the time spent on your job cannot be fully compensated for.

    • You cannot be richer than your boss. Because, he pays you

In conclusion…
You cannot be rich working for somebody. Unless, you don’t mind living paycheck to paycheck. Your best option would be to start your own business and be your own boss.

Does that mean that you will automatically become rich?

The answer is simply, NO.

But the chance of becoming rich as an entrepreneur or business owner is really high. In fact, 74% of rich people are entrepreneurs according to Brian Tracy.

Does that mean working for somebody is a sin?

Of course not. That is, if you don’t mind living paycheck to paycheck.

If your long term goal in life is to become rich, then working for somebody should not be included in that plan.

Thanks for reading. Share to also enlighten someone.

This is a guest post written by Promise Excel for CASHRANGE. He is an unusual entrepreneur on a mission to touch the lives of 100 million Africans with just his pen and paper. He believes that anyone can make a living from his passion/hobby. He passionately writes about entrepreneurship and business on his bog. He blogs at

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  1. You nailed it bro.. I have always made my friends to know this but it seems that jobs are better in their eyes..

    Well I will still tell you that I use the opposite to get workers.. Lol

  2. This is really revealing.

    Many people who think that working for somebody could make them rich have the riskiest plan on earth.

    Thanks for sharing this great info. Now I know better.

    I’ll share this with my family.

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