Advantages And Disadvantages Of 4G LTE Network

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Yes! 4G LTE is very fast but there are advantages and disadvantages of 4G LTE network. 4G LTE which means fourth generation long term evolution,  aims to offer users faster, more reliable mobile broadband internet for devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.


It’s speed is much more faster than the 3G so if you are using it, you won’t encounter slow or poor internet speed.
Well, below is the advantages and disadvantages of the 4G LTE network.

Advantages of 4G LTE network

  • It is very fast and 10 times faster than 3G network.
  • It has higher bandwidth.
  • Extremely high voice quality.
  • Very fast when downloading huge files and downloading files over a wireless network.
  • Very good and clear when streaming videos, watching online videos, playing online musics, watching online Tv and others streaming stuffs, is very clear and bright.
  • Easily access Internet, IM, Social Networks, streaming media, video calling, etc
  • It is stable when connected to the internet without any disruption.
  • It doesn’t throttle.

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Disadvantages of 4G LTE network

  • It has higher data prices for consumers (expensive).
  • Consumers are forced to buy a new device to support 4G LTE.
  • It consumes alot of battery when in use.
  • It consumes data very fast when in use.
  • Your battery becomes hot when in use for a very long time (like a microwave).
  • It has different network bands for different phones and some are same especially in nigeria.
Yea, I have successfully listed out the advantages and disadvantages of 4G LTE network but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it, it all depends on your choice and what you do best in the internet.
If you download alot and stream videos, I will advice you to go for 4G LTE but if you are just a chatting and browsing type, you can stay tuned to your 3G and 2G network.
Is it helpful? What do you have to say about the advantages and disadvantages of 4G LTE network? Do you have any other advantages or disadvantages to add, kindly drop it below in the comment box.
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