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Cashrange.com is a free resource website for ambitious and focused individuals who which to make a mark in their Tech and financial world. Cashrange was founded in August 2015 by Abuku Orode.

Due to the continuous yearning of many people to find a trust worthy site for constant and consistent updates on various Tech and Finance related issues on saving or ways to grow their personal finance at a single place, hence this blog. This is one of it’s kind.

My name is Abuku Orode, I am a full time blogger and article writer. I strive to continually help people with the latest Tech, Browsing codes and also solve their problems related to personal finance.

I make research on latest tech, Browsing codes, business news and other online transactions and be constantly up-to-date, for the best, possible and legal way to earn money from around the world and make them available here on Cashrange.

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My goal is to show you what works for me in the tech and business world with the hope that it will work for you too.

Why include an ‘about you’ section in my ‘about’ page?

That is because this website is all about helping you get the right information and dominating your own tech and business world. That’s why it’s called Cashrange.

I believe that a true leader gains power by giving power to others.

I strongly believe that helping others is the only way to live life meaningfully. I always try to respond to every comment that I get and aim to develop friendships with as many of my readers as possible by helping them meet their tech and financial needs.

But what I’ve come to discover is that this website has the single best community in the blogosphere, I call them ‘Rangers’.

Join the rangers today to stay ahead of competitors and standout from among the crowd.

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Remember, Cashrange is all about helping you to dominate the tech world and gain financial freedom.

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