10 Amazing Apps That Will Expand The Features Of Your Android

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10 Amazing Apps That Will Expand The Features Of Your Android

10 Amazing Apps That Will Expand The Features Of Your Android

10 Amazing Apps That Will Expand The Features Of Your Android: Android is an excellent operating system and has an advantage over rivals: features that it does not have natively can be united through apps, thanks to the open source nature of Android. Following are some of the apps that extend the features of your Android smartphone.

10 Amazing Apps That Will Expand The Features Of Your Android

Some of the tasks they do belong to some devices, but many do not. The list was based on several online researchers and we selected the most interesting ones. Check it out:

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1) AirDroid

One of the best apps for remote control of the device. Airdroid makes it possible to exchange files through the Wi-Fi network, perform various tasks like sending SMS and taking photos by controlling the device through your desktop.

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2) Dashclock Widget

The Android lock screen is considerably customizable, but the DashClock Widget application can be pretty effective to make the job easier. It brings together several interesting shortcuts, such as turning on the flashlight of the phone. It has numbers of extensions that add functionality to the widget.

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3) File Manager

File Manager
Developer: Maple Media
Price: Free+

One of the great benefits of Android over iOS is that it has a visible folder system, but this advantage is not efficiently accessible by the mobile phone if you have lots of folders. File Manager helps you better organize your folders straight from your smartphone.

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4) Gravity Screen

Gravity Screen - On/Off
Developer: Plexnor
Price: Free+

What if you never more required to press the power button again to unlock (or lock) the screen? This app executes this by using the sensors your phone, allowing the screen to automatically turn off when you place your device on the table or in the pocket and detect it when you take it off or run your hand over the screen to turn it on again.

5) Startup Manager

Startup Manager (Free)
Developer: Daniel Ch
Price: Free

When you’ve been using your phone for a long time, and installs various applications on your device, chances are great that several of them have infiltrated the boot system of your phone. Startup Manager makes it easier for you to block several applications from starting alone even if you have given permission at the time of installation.

6) Swift Key

SwiftKey Keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

If you still type letter by letter on your Android keyboard, know that there are better options. SwiftKey is one of them. It is one of the best answers for Android keyboard, with the ability to learn the user’s typing patterns and finger-swiping features such as Swype.

7) SpeakerPhoneEx

SpeakerPhone Ex
Developer: AndroidM8
Price: Free

Do you search for the correct screen area that you should press to answer a call on your cell phone? The SpeakerPhone Ex understands when you bring the smartphone from your face to answer a call and pick the call for you. The free version, however, is quite limited; the paid setting allows features to automatically turn off the call when you make certain moves with the handset.

8) Adaptive Rotational Lock

This app lets you decide when the screen should rotate. Ideal for that moment when you are lying down, trying to read, and the screen does not stop spinning in front of you.

9) AutomateIt

Do you want your smartphone to become smarter? AutomateIt is a good alternative. In it, you can configure a series of actions that will be performed when certain triggers are activated. For example, you can set the phone to turn off Wi-Fi when leaving home to save battery power. The possibilities are almost endless and users can suggest new “rules” for the app to follow on the official website.


10) Smart Statusbar

Smart Statusbar
Developer: Kiumiu.CA
Price: Free

The main feature of the application is to enable access to the notification bar even when you are playing or watching some video in full screen, something that the operating system, of course, does not offer.

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These are some of the apps that extend the features of your Android smartphone. Hope you like the post, share it with others also.

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